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Dragonfly is a small fair trade company, selling everything from kitchen utensils, women's clothing, jewelry, children's clothing and art work. Everything we sell is handmade and imported from all over South East Asia. We know the families who make our products, we have been in their homes, and we want to share the craftsmanship and care they put into their work with you!

Must see!

Back Alley Imports

Buy 4 get the fifth FREE! on select items in the Saint Augustine store.  Come on in.  Also, our leather clutches and handbags are 20% off.  Don't forget that Valentine's Day is around the corner.  What better gift than a one of a kind leather purse?

What's New

Great news all!! Our latest shipment has arrived from Indonesia!  We will be integrating new goods in to the stores over the next couple of weeks.